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About Us

About Us

Ancaster Tennis Club Executive 2021

Kerry Radigan

Vice President: 

Helen Saunders

Andrew Zucker

Director of Membership

Ann Reid

Director of Publicity/Public Relations

Paul Templeton

Director at Large:  
Matt Koevoets

Laurie Meyer

Social Directors:  
Emily Wray/Jennifer Dicks

Junior Representative

Victoria Lee




The story about Mackenzie's Gate - our entry gate to the tennis courts.



When a young man and his family moved to Ancaster in the mid sixties, he discovered, in the Village Green, a couple of tennis courts in disrepair. With broken asphalt – it was frozen over for skating in the winter, no fencing and old dilapidated nets, he, never-the-less, played tennis with his sons. Before long, he and his friend, Bill Haslam, came to realize that if they could get the Town of Ancaster to repair the courts, they would create a community club. The name of this young man was Ken MacKenzie.

After many meetings with the Council members, the Town of Ancaster agreed to repair the courts. Thus the Ancaster Tennis Club was born. Being a community club, all monies acquired by the club would go to The Town, who would look after the facility. There were no lights, so no activity was possible after dark. Since there was no clubhouse, initially, if it rained you scurried to your cars and if in need of washroom facilities, you went to the library.

Eventually, a clubhouse was made available through the generosity of the Lions Club, who had a small building near by. Soon after, Ken and Bill fought to get a toilet and basin as an addition to the club house. Ken did the plumbing.

As the membership grew, it was evident that a third court was needed. Since the Council refused to allow an extra court to be built that would infringe upon the green space of the park, it was decided to re-orientate the courts to accommodate an extra court. The three new courts were completed, along with fencing in the late 1960’s.

Only one gate was provided as an entrance to court one. Thus in order to reach court three members had to interrupt play in the other courts, much to the chagrin of many. Ken battled with the executive to cut an extra gate into court three and threatened to do so himself if the executive did not comply. After much wrangling, a gate at court three was finally installed. In appreciation, by the membership, for Ken’s efforts, a sign was erected on the gate designating it as MACKENZIE’S GATE.

The present executive has erected a renewed sign on the main entrance gate to commemorate one of the co-founders of the Ancaster Tennis Club, whose efforts and determination has made a significant contribution to the development of the Ancaster Tennis Club from a small run-down tennis facility to the beautiful club that it is today. With all our hearts, many thanks and best wishes on his 90 th birthday go to Ken MacKenzie. Thank you Ken.

September 2017 by Jeff Cooper, Ancaster Tennis Club former Vice President.