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To book Adult and Junior Private, Semi-Private and Lessons for Groups of 3 or 4 please contact:

Mustapha (Moose) Jamal


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Mustapha (Moose) Jamal

Mustapha (Moose) Jamal

Head Tennis Professional

Contact Moose:

Mike Kool.

Mike Kool.

Tennis Coach

Adult 1 hour private lesson: $65

Junior 1 hour private lesson $60

Please book directly with Mike Kool  kzmdkool@gmail.com

Kerry Radigan

Kerry Radigan

President, Ancaster Tennis Club

Farah Montazemi

Farah Montazemi

Social Directors

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November 27, 2020

COVID-19 Time - Before Play

  • DO NOT come to the club if you have or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • DO NOT come to the club if you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms
  • DO NOT come to the club if you would be included in the high-risk category
  • The COVID-19 specific Waiver Form must be signed and returned electronically before membership is activated
  • You are allowed to play Singles and Doubles. Make sure you have booked your court online in advance through contactless booking and have entered all players names
  • If you have booked for 2 hours of doubles ensure you are booked on the same court for both hours to avoid cross-contamination between courts
  • Before coming to the club ensure you have your own marked new can of balls and an adequate supply of water to play with
November 27, 2020

COVID-19 Time - During Play

  • Arrive on the court as close to your start time as possible.
  • To enter use the gate beside Court 1 for all courts
  • Stay on your side of the court
  • Avoid touching your face. If you do accidently touch your face you must sanitize your hands immediately
  • DO NOT make contact or be within 6 feet or 2 metres of your playing partners
  • DO NOT share any equipment with your playing partners
  • you MUST end your game 10 mins before the booking is up to have enough time to sanitize what you have touched, clean the court and leave before the next players arrive
November 27, 2020

COVID-19 Time - After Play

  • DO NOT make any form of contact with your playing partners after play, instead use a thumbs-up, salute or air high-five
  • Wipe anything with sanitizer that you or your equipment has touched before you leave
  • Leave the gate open when leaving the court for the next round of players
  • You MUST NOT hang around the clubhouse or in the parking lot after play