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WE ARE AT CAPACITY. OUR MEMBERSHIP REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

Our hours of operation are from 6AM unitl 11PM. OUR CLUBHOUSE WILL BE CLOSED INDEFINITELY SO PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN WATER AND TAKE ALL GARBAGE HOME WITH YOU. NO WASHROOMS WILL BE AVAILABLE DUE TO THE PANDEMIC. DOUBLES play is now allowed and courts must be pre-booked on-line with all participants listed. For complete COVID19 RE-OPENING RULES, please read after the Lessons and Programs information below.

Lessons and Programs

Parents can sign in as a non-member in order to register their kids as a member if they are not joining as a family. Children MUST be members in order to participate in lessons, clinics or summer camps (no clinics or camps at this time).

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are not posting any programs at this time.  As we know more, we will add them to the website under the "Lessons and Programs" tab.  Our Tennis Pros for 2020 will be Mustapha (Moose) Jamal and Mike Kool. They will be supplying individual lessons to members and can be reached at :

Mustapha Jamal                                                                            

Mike Kool

COVID 19 Play Resumption Guidelines:

COVID-19 Play Resumption Guidelines

Before Play

- DO NOT come to the club if you have or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days

- DO NOT come to the club if you are exhibiting flu-like symptoms

- DO NOT come to the club if you would be included in the high-risk category

- The COVID-19 specific Waiver Form must be signed and returned electronically before membership is activated

- You are allowed to play Singles and Doubles. Make sure you have booked your court online in advance through contactless booking and have entered all players names

- If you have booked for 2 hours of doubles ensure you are booked on the same court for both hours to avoid cross-contamination between courts

- Before coming to the club ensure you have your own marked new can of balls and an adequate supply of water to play with

- The Club House will remain closed until further notice

- Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before coming to the courts

- Hand Sanitizer will be provided on each court but you are asked to bring your own

- Sanitize your hands and equipment and avoid sharing any equipment with your playing partners

- Avoid touching any surfaces (gates, doors etc.) before, during and after play

- Park in the lot that is the least crowded

- If your child is playing, please drop them off and then pick them up when they are finished

During Play

- Arrive on the court as close to your start time as possible.

- To enter use the gate beside Court 1 for all courts

- Stay on your side of the court

- Avoid touching your face. If you do accidently touch your face you must sanitize your hands immediately

- DO NOT make contact or be within 6 feet or 2 metres of your playing partners

- DO NOT share any equipment with your playing partners

- You MUST end your game 10 mins before the booking is up to have enough time to sanitize what you have touched, clean the court and leave before the next players arrive

After Play

- DO NOT make any form of contact with your playing partners after play, instead use a thumbs-up, salute or air high-five

-  Wipe anything with sanitizer that you or your equipment has touched before you leave

- Leave the gate open when leaving the court for the next round of players

- You MUST NOT hang around the clubhouse or in the parking lot after play

Private Lessons and Programs

- Ensure all private lessons are booked online directly with the pro through email and payments are made whenever possible through e-transfer

- Only Private or Semi-Private (same family) Lessons will be offered for now

- In most cases the pro will remain on the opposite side of the court and in all cases at least 6 feet or 2 metres away from the players

- The pro will be responsible for picking up balls unless disposable gloves and hand sanitizer is used before and after pick up

- The screen between Court 4 and 5 MUST ONLY be operated by the pro

- A Limited number of programs with limited participants might be added as the season progresses and regulations are eased

- If a COVID-19 case is discovered connected to the Club it will be shut down immediately to isolate, contact, trace and treat the case. The club will remain closed until the “outbreak” is resolved.

- Please be respectful towards the club staff as they assist in the enforcement of these guidelines and above all help you enjoy your tennis safely.

- ATC will email the members as and when these guidelines are updated.

(updated June 19, 2020)


EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE FOR 2020: check under the "About Us" tab

Membership Registrations

Register Online Member Login


We have reached our cap. Thank you for considering Ancaster Tennis Club.  We re-open registration in January 2021.

Junior (5-17 yrs):  $55.00 + HST   

Full Time Student (*18-21   yrs):  $70.00 + HST  (restricted hours.  *for full playing privileges, please register as an adult)

Adult (18-64 yrs):   $150.00 + HST   

Senior (65 & over)  $130.00 + HST     

Family** (Limit 2 Adults + minimum one junior member)   $310.00 + HST  

**All members belong to one family and live at the same address

Member Emeritus (80 yrs & ATC member for 15 + yrs)  FREE (must contact Kerry Radigan, Membership Director, to register manually with proof of age at

Court Rules


Court Rules and Etiquette

Suitable attire (no jeans, cut-offs) and non-marking tennis shoes must be worn on the courts. No shirt, no play!

Appropriate language and sportsmanship will be expected.

Please observe court etiquette:

  • --never walk behind another court while play is in progress
  • --wait for a break in play before interrupting others for whatever reason
  • --be mindful of stray balls rolling onto your court and return them to their source at the first break in your own play
  • --keep talking and other distractions to a minimum


Pro Tips